Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ludacris gets electrocuted by Electrik Red on the remix to the R&B quartet’s raunchy “We F U.” You may want to put on your headphones while listening to this X-rated song.

Electrik Red f/ Ludacris & The-Dream - “We F U (Remix)” (Link#1)

Electrik Red f/ Ludacris & The-Dream - “We F U (Remix)” (Link#2)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chris Brown - "Round Here" - (Link#1)

Chris Brown - "Round Here" - (Link#2)
"Round Here" is another unreleased track from Breezy featuring production by Dre & Vidal. It's something I can bump to for sure. I get the feeling that if I spin it, I'll start to love it. Enjoy.

Chris Brown - "Nothin" - (Link#1)

Chris Brown - "Nothin" - (Link#2)
"Nothin'" is an unreleased ballad from Chris Brown featuring production by The Underdogs. This track definitely sounds dated like it was recorded before the release of "Exclusive." But it's a good track though, Chris deff has the vocals to set tracks on fire. "Exclusive" is a very good album, make sure you check it out in stores now.

Me Without You" is unreleased track number 2400000 from Ne-Yo. It's not a bad track, I like the melody a bit but it's better as an unreleased track. If you're a fan of Ne-Yo check this out. ;)
Ne-Yo - "Me Without You" (Link#1)

Ne-Yo - "Me Without You" (Link#2)