Tuesday, December 30, 2008

With the Presidential Inaguration coming up Jan 20th, Here is a song that just surfaced that Bee recording about being a proud American. Enjoy!!!
Beyonce - "Proud To Be An American" (Link#1)

Beyonce - "Proud To Be An American" (Link#2)

Here is Ciara's take on Beyonce's new single "Diva" What are your thoughts?
Ciara - "Diva" (Beyonce Cover) (Link#1)

Ciara - "Diva" (Beyonce Cover) (Link#2)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Here is the the "Queen Of Style" Ms. Ri-Ri with "Emergency Room" Feat. Akon. Enjoy!!

Rihanna - "Emergency Room" (Link#1)

Rihanna - "Emergency Room" (Link#2)

This is a smooth track, its cool, not a banger, but something to have in the collection. What do you think of Usher now? Enjoy!!!

Usher - "Take A Ride" (Link#1)

Usher - "Take A Ride" (Link#2)