Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lionel Ritchie - "I'm Not OK" (Link#1)

Lionel Ritchie - "I'm Not OK" (Link#2)
Lionel Ritchie has recorded The-Dream's demo track, "I'm Not Ok." And I definitely feel like this track suits Lionel more. His voice takes to it well and just the content and lyrics seem to be more appropriate for him. I think Lionel is great and he's obviously a legend but I give him props for being in the music biz so long and still being able to make songs that younger audiences can relate to. Enjoy the track.
And listen to the demo version sung by The-Dream below:

The-Dream - "Im Not OK" (Link#1)

The-Dream - "Im Not OK" (Link#2)

R&B veteran is steady on the comeback trail and here's another leaked track from him entitled "Can't Blame You." I think Ginuwine's vocals are great and this track is no different. There is someone singing the chorus of the track that sounds familiar, I'm trying to figure out who it is, I'm thinking Tank. But check this song out and leave a comment if you're liking it.
Ginuwine - "I'll Miss You" (Link#1)

Ginuwine - "I'll Miss You" (Link#2)

Ginuwine - "Can't Blame You" (Link#1)

Ginuwine - "Can't Blame You" (Link#2)