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Monday, April 27, 2009

Ludacris gets electrocuted by Electrik Red on the remix to the R&B quartet’s raunchy “We F U.” You may want to put on your headphones while listening to this X-rated song.

Electrik Red f/ Ludacris & The-Dream - “We F U (Remix)” (Link#1)

Electrik Red f/ Ludacris & The-Dream - “We F U (Remix)” (Link#2)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chris Brown - "Round Here" - (Link#1)

Chris Brown - "Round Here" - (Link#2)
"Round Here" is another unreleased track from Breezy featuring production by Dre & Vidal. It's something I can bump to for sure. I get the feeling that if I spin it, I'll start to love it. Enjoy.

Chris Brown - "Nothin" - (Link#1)

Chris Brown - "Nothin" - (Link#2)
"Nothin'" is an unreleased ballad from Chris Brown featuring production by The Underdogs. This track definitely sounds dated like it was recorded before the release of "Exclusive." But it's a good track though, Chris deff has the vocals to set tracks on fire. "Exclusive" is a very good album, make sure you check it out in stores now.

Me Without You" is unreleased track number 2400000 from Ne-Yo. It's not a bad track, I like the melody a bit but it's better as an unreleased track. If you're a fan of Ne-Yo check this out. ;)
Ne-Yo - "Me Without You" (Link#1)

Ne-Yo - "Me Without You" (Link#2)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Producer-turned-rapper 88-Keys and Kanye West live out their fantasies as horny old men Rufus and Clifford in the Jason Goldwatch-directed video for “Stay Up! (Viagra).”

Kanye even quotes Borat in the song (“Ya’ll can have sexy time…is nice!”) off Keys’ solo album The Death of Adam. Look for a cameo from Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz.

New Ciara track off her upcoming album, "Fantasy Ride." I'm sure this is just a demo version of the track. It features vocals from Keri Hilson for mostly all of the second half of the song. Check it out.

Ciara - "My Man, My Music" Feat Keri Hilson (Link#1)

Ciara - "My Man, My Music" Feat Keri Hilson (Link#2)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 26 - "Dizzy" (Link#1)

Day 26 - "Dizzy" (Link#2)

Day26 are getting ready to release their sophomore album, "Forever And A Day," next month. Here's a hot track off the album entitled "Dizzy." This is the type of stuff I want to hear from Day26. I'm feeling this track a whole lot, they sound great and the whole vibe of the track is dope. Hopefully they team up with B. Cox and have some scorching ballads ready for the album. Enjoy.

Trey Songz - "I Need A Girl" (Link#1)

Trey Songz - "I Need A Girl" (Link#2)

Trey is getting ready to release his third studio album and here's the lead single entitled, "I Need A Girl." I think Trey's done a great job of creating buzz for this album with all the tracks he's done recently. "I Need A Girl" is a very mature sounding midtempo and I'm definitely feeling Trey's vocals. It was demo-ed by Johnta Austin and features production by Stargate. Good looks. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lionel Ritchie - "I'm Not OK" (Link#1)

Lionel Ritchie - "I'm Not OK" (Link#2)
Lionel Ritchie has recorded The-Dream's demo track, "I'm Not Ok." And I definitely feel like this track suits Lionel more. His voice takes to it well and just the content and lyrics seem to be more appropriate for him. I think Lionel is great and he's obviously a legend but I give him props for being in the music biz so long and still being able to make songs that younger audiences can relate to. Enjoy the track.
And listen to the demo version sung by The-Dream below:

The-Dream - "Im Not OK" (Link#1)

The-Dream - "Im Not OK" (Link#2)

R&B veteran is steady on the comeback trail and here's another leaked track from him entitled "Can't Blame You." I think Ginuwine's vocals are great and this track is no different. There is someone singing the chorus of the track that sounds familiar, I'm trying to figure out who it is, I'm thinking Tank. But check this song out and leave a comment if you're liking it.
Ginuwine - "I'll Miss You" (Link#1)

Ginuwine - "I'll Miss You" (Link#2)

Ginuwine - "Can't Blame You" (Link#1)

Ginuwine - "Can't Blame You" (Link#2)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New track from The-Dream entitled "I'm Not Ok" off his sophomore album, "Love vs. Money." I'm loving this track the lyrics are good. Get this one and make sure you leave a comment about the track.
The Dream - "I'm Not OK" (Link#1)

The Dream - "I'm Not OK" (Link#2)

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